We are Doctor Speak we are translating medical terminology and speech into something patients can understand and use to make informed medical decisions.

The Medical Language Divide

Virtually every contact a patient has with healthcare requires confronting the medical language divide of dense, technical, and jargon-filled language.

Patients feel afraid, embarassed, and a non-user friendly healthcare serves as a rift between patient and provider.

The medical language divide prevents patients from seeking clarification regarding treatment instructions or medical advice.

Our Solution

A seamless way to translate
Doctor Speak to Common Speech.

Medical Translations

Doctor Speak
Common Speech

Personalized Content

Specific conditions
Diagnostic tests
Treatment options

Patient Decision

Insight into medications
Provide the patient a better
understanding of the benefits.

About Us

We are driven to empower patients.
Our weapons are the state-of-art in technology and data science

Our team consists of creative, disruptive, tech savy individuals who have had leadership roles in bringing technology to market and domain expertise in cancer genetics and bioinformatics.

Michelle Archuleta Ph.D.

CEO & Founder

Chris Oltyan

CPO & Co-founder

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